Steve was a great tutor. I am a novice developer and I found him when I was about to enter a coding bootcamp. He was able to clearly communicate concepts and give me examples of problems I would face in a ‘real-world’ on-the-job setting. This type of insight was so helpful. Steve is intelligent, patient, and professional. I would definitely recommend him to anyone looking to learn more about object-oriented programming.

Jules Alter

Steve is a great tutor! Very knowledgable and caring. He has helped me tremendously. I wouldn’t have made it through my summer session without him.

James Jordan

My experience with Steve Cordrey has been great. He is very knowledgeable with developing/code. He has been able to provide the help I need to execute my projects and has explained in great detail what it is he is trying to teach me. He’s a very patient individual and understands that coding takes time to process. I highly recommend Steve to anyone trying to learn any type of coding. Thanks!

Kelso Cisneros

I have been taking tutoring classes with Steve Cordrey for a few months now, and he has been very helpful to me. He is pretty flexible about schedule, and has a good knowledge of languages like JAVA, C++, and C#. I was falling behind a bit on JAVA courses I am taking, and he helped to get back and even learned a new framework “Selenium” just to help me get back on it as well. Overall, I am satisfied with his tutoring skills, and would highly recommend him to someone who is struggling in learning programming languages.

Eldor Ergashov